Agile Project Management Practitioner

At Oakdale Software we approach our projects with the Agile project management and development approach which allows us to deliver quality software on schedule, to budget whilst allowing the client to enjoy full visibility of our progress throughout the project’s life-cycle.

The concepts of release and iteration allow the project team to get the right mix of feedback, frequent delivery, reasonable planning time horizons, and protection from changes.

Core project focus methodology items :

  • Feature Based Planning

    Instead of organising work based on the tasks to be completed (for example, analysis, design, development, deployment, testing, and implementation) our agile planning organises work based on feature delivery.

    The team determines which features will be delivered in which release, and identifies when those release points occur.

  • Performance tracking

    Tracking performance to the feature based plan by keeping a close eye on completed features also provides a more reliable and understandable measure of progress for all of the stakeholders than task completion.

  • Iterative planning

    Work is organised into short periods called iterations or sprints. During those iterations, all of the necessary work to take features from an idea to a working product is completed, without artificial dependencies that prevent work from being done in parallel.

  • User stories

    Conducted with the project team including project stakeholders in order to get a well thought out feature that provides value to the project.

  • Release planning

    Release planning starts by identifying the features to deliver in the project and we use user stories to create the feature list based on functionality needed to support each given business process.

  • Continuous Testing

    Feature testing starts at the earliest opportunity and is a continuous feature of the project to allow user feedback to modify feature set, should it be required at the earliest juncture giving maximum progress visibility.